Actofit Wearable Wristband and Mobile App

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The Problem

There are plenty of fitness devices and apps on the market that track steps and distance but there aren't any that can identify and track the exact type of exercise you're doing and the number of reps; enter Actofit.

Actofit approached our HCDE 517 "Usability Studies" class and asked us to evaluate and test their fitness wristband and companion mobile app to improve the user experience as much as possible before product launch (March 2017). Our three-member team was comprised of fitness enthusiasts who had extensive experience with wearables so we were thrilled for an opportunity to work on this project.

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Client Usability Questions

  • How much effort is required to set up Actofit (onboarding)?
  • How accurate and reliable is Actofit at capturing data?
  • To what extent are users able to make sense of and apply the captured data?
  • How appropriate and actionable is the feedback between the device and mobile app?
  • Where do experience breakdowns occur for users?
  • How do users differentiate Actofit from competitors?

Ultimate client question: How likely are people to keep using Actofit?

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Methods Used

  • Expert review and cognitive walkthrough
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Flow charts and interaction maps
  • Surveys and questionnairres
  • Interviews and usability testing

My role: I took part in each method listed above.

actofit test findings


  • Users liked the look and feel of the Actofit wristband.
  • Users had a difficult time navigating and understanding wristband functionality.
  • Users frequently ran into bluetooth pairing and syncing issues; had trouble verifying sync status.
  • Users had trouble referencing the user manual and navigating certain areas of app .
  • Users didn't understand all the exercises or the difference between personal vs. universal databases.
  • Users found that going back and forth between exercising and phone was burdensome.
  • Users really liked the idea of Actofit because it captures important data that other trackers don't.
actofit solutions


  • Add contextual help and in-app tutorials for general premise and expectations.
  • Provide visual and tactile feedback and system status via device.
  • Prevent errors during initial set up by sharing preconditions.
  • Shift more features to device; reduce reliance on mobile app.
  • Simplify exercise databases and provide guidance for exercises and workflow.
  • Provide for information on data capture benchmarks to increase trust in accuracy.
  • Connect analytic data to user's goals and routines. Provide recommendations.

Brooks Tiffany -

University of Washington - Seattle, WA